Joscelyne Tamburri

Hair: Blonde      Height: 5’5”        Voice: Mezzo F3 – D6   

Eyes: Hazel        Weight: 125 lbs.   Languages: English, French

Theatre/Musical Theatre

42nd Street, Lorraine Fleming - Theatre Under the Stars

Working, Delores Dante - CCPA

Broadway Lights, Soloist - VSO & CCPA

A Midsummer Night's Dream, Helena - CCPA

Mary Poppins, Featured Dancer - Theatre Under The Stars         

Beauty and the Beast, Featured Dancer - CCPA                                   

All That Jazz, Featured Singer, CCPA & The Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy                                                                         

Crazy for You - Polly Baker - Claremont S. School

High School Christmas Carol - Melisa Cratchet - Claremont S. School

Legally Blonde - Elle Woods - St. Michaels U. School

Band Geeks - Laura Kirk - St. Michaels U. School

Alice Vs. Wonderland - Alice Liddell - Blue Bridge Rep. Theatre 

Film and Television
Adam’s Mobox commercial - Lead - Chek T.V. – T. Kuzemski

Various Background work in Victoria and Vancouver, including:
Riverdale, Kim Possible, Inside Voice, The Man in the High Castle, Supergirl, Beyond, Six, Wedding March, Pupstar, & Gourmet Detective

Canadian College of Performing Arts – Enriched Performing Arts Program: Graduated

Jazz -   Jeremy Miton, Tiffany Miton, Craig Hempsted, Angela Mousseau, Robin White, Chelsea Diorgano, Nadine Cowland, Leslie Arnold

Ballet- Amalia Schelhorn, Katherine Roland (Pointe), Gina Sinclair Davis, David Roland

Tap -   Michael Boston, Janice Tooby MacDonald, Nadine Cowland, Shiloh Brocklebank

Contemporary - Angela Mousseau, Jennifer Viinikka

Musical Theatre - Shelley Stewart Hunt, Nicol Spinola, Jessica Hickman, Tiffany Miton                                   

Hip Hop - Robin White, Chelsea Diorgano, Desiree Williams

Private Voice: Sara Partridge, Joanne Hounsell

Broadway Bound - Thayne Jasperson, Syndee Winters

The Art of Auditioning - Lisa Stevens                           

Headshots and Resumes 101 - Duncan Stewart               

Acting for the Television/ Jacqui Kaese

N.Y.C. Rockette’s Christmas Extravaganza Training Program

Disney Youth Programs – Performing Arts Workshop

Special Skills
Clarinet, Piano, Ukulele, Licensed Rock Climbing, Licensed Babysitter, Licensed First Aid, Gymnastics, N Driver’s License, Ice Skating, Skiing, Cheer-leading, Kayaking, Swimming.

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